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School Alert System!

SMS alerts or Text messaging application are excellent communication tools for schools. It's for providing information alerts or emergency alerts such as storm alert, school closing. The SMS text message is vital to get word out to students, parents, and staff quickly.

With one click you can alert thousands of students immediately. In case of an emergency, contacting students on every mode of communication (MOBILE TEXT, IM, and EMAIL) ensures they receive the alert.

Group communication

A feature that is unique is that you can create lists. This allows you to send out sms messages to the grade 8 parents reminding them about the PTA meeting. Lists can be small or big, entire grades or even just the student council's parents.

Emergency sms messaging

Imagine the logistical nightmare of trying to call all the parents of all the learners of you school in an emergency. Broadcasting that sms can be done within seconds and you can focus more time on your learners needs and safety. This feature also allows greater co-ordination and communication when it comes to other large events such as school sports.

Reduced telephone and printing costs

Using SMS system you will bring down your communication costs dramatically. You can either communicate via sms or simply inform them that they need to get in contact with you urgently with a contact number and contact person. Direct communication also reduces the time and effort in typing out letters that students need to give to their parents and hoping that they are delivered.

Send out alerts for...

  • Emergency broadcasts
  • Security alerts
  • Important news
  • Weather advisories
  • School closings
  • School Event Reminders
  • Event cancellations