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SMS Marketing for Retail Stores

For retailers, attracting new and existing customers can be difficult and costly - while keeping them is often even harder. Using a unique “Mobile Keyword”, connecting to your most loyal customer has never been easier!

By simply guiding customers to text your unique keyword as a text message to 76000, your retail store can begin growing a database of hundreds and thousands of loyal subscribers who have opted-in to receive your exclusive discounts and promotions.

It's completely free on their end, and saves you money on printing and distribution costs. Best of all, your promotions are only delivered to those who want them! This means more happy engaged customers, and more business for you... even on slow days.

Master Mobile Media can provide you with a customized sign like Emma's, prompting customers to text your unique "Mobile Keyword" to 76000. After doing so, the system delivers an auto-response message back to the user....

Customize this auto-response message(s) with:

  • Links to the website, social media, pictures
  • Street address, phone numbers, Google Maps location
  • Product promotions, coupons, and more!

So what can I do with this?

   Announcements & Reminders

Much like one might use a Facebook or Twitter account, you can keep loyal customers informed of the latest developments at your establishment... directly on their cellphones.

Maybe there's a fantastic drink special on tonight, the chef whipped up an interesting new dish to try, or a major band's playing this weekend. Unlike social media, text messages boast a whopping 97% read-rate. Say goodbye to slow days! Read More....

Mobile Coupons   

Are your printed coupons not getting the response they deserve? With Mobile Coupons, you can instantly target loyal customers who have opted-in to receive your offers

The customer only needs to show their text message to the cashier, who can quickly verify the unique coupon code through a simple website interface. It’s fast, inexpensive, and perfect for encouraging repeat business or promoting new services! Read More....

   Rewards Programs

Similar to Mobile Coupons, it’s easy to set up your own Mobile Rewards Programs to capture repeat business!

Prompt your customer to text an alternate keyword to 76000, which instantly registers their phone number. Upon each new purchase, the system alerts the customer of their progress until the goal has been reached. Time to redeem! Read More....

Text - 2 - Win   

Contests & sweepstakes are extremely effective ways to gather more subscribers to your mobile keyword, while getting them engaged and excited for your establishment.

Incentives might include a FREE meal that's give away every month, or the drink tab paid off. Simply use a random number generator to choose a winning phone number from your list!