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The Interactive FOR SALE Sign

Real estate brokers around North America have teamed up with Master Mobile Media to bring you the most cutting-edge and lucrative technology for your FOR SALE signs.

Quick & Simple Setup

Jahan Ghaderi is a young Remax broker in the Greater Montreal area. Looking to supercharge the quantity & quality of her leads, she turned to Master Mobile Media to mobilize her signs.

Only a few days later, she received her add-ons (customized in Remax colours), which turned out to be quick and easy to install!

... And the Sign is Alive!

Passers-by can now instantly access & save all her listings' details by texting its unique keyword to the short simple number: 76000.

Smartphone users can actually scan her mobile barcode, adding Jahan’s full contact info in a flash.

Try It Out for Yourself!

You're one of the many home-buyers with a cellphone. Jahan's sign add-on directs you to send Condo1 as a text message to 76000 for more listing information...
Text CONDO1 to 76000
You can try this!

You will receive the following bilingual auto-response messages:

Instant & Lasting Results

Within only a few days, Jahan's mobile signs have seen instant results from interested home-buyers. Acting like an automated personal secretary, these signs

  • Save hours of precious time
  • Display all missing contact information
  • Gain more Facebook & Twitter followers
  • Collect leads' cellphone numbers
  • Build organized databases of buyers
  • ... and ultimately help close more sales

Think green! Each sign is 100% recyclable. Each time she sells a property, the mobile sign can be seamlessly transferred to new listing. By simply informing her Master Mobile Media agent of the new MLS# for Condo1, it's updated and ready to go only minutes later!

Isn't this complicated and expensive?

Not in the least! Our experienced marketing agents will take care of all the technical details, and test it to perfection. New generations of North American home-buyers are very text-message friendly, and will gladly take advantage of this non-intrusive gateway to your listing information.

Brokers around the North America are already beginning to mobilize their signs, but only Master Mobile Media has perfected the process to maximize new quality leads, and effectively close more sales... faster.

With exclusive broker plans starting at only $11.50/month (plus a small 1-time fee for each sign), just imagine the returns in both your valuable time and income!