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Bringing Dealerships to Life!

Your potential buyers want information about the vehicle in front of them, now. They might need to see complete specifications, schedule a test drive, request a price estimate, or detailed pictures. Salespeople can't be everywhere (especially after-hours) but a small display on each vehicle can.

All customers need is a cellphone capable of sending a single text message, and the display starts communicating with your buyers instantly!

This is how it works...

  1. Each vehicle on the dealership's lot is assigned a unique "Mobile Keyword".
  2. Potential buyers follow simple directions to send a text message such as "AUTO1" to the short phone number 76000.
  3. Master Mobile Media's server instantly replies to the buyer with a series of text messages.
  4. These messages contain information about the dealership, specific vehicle, link to an online page, and a link to request a quote and/or schedule a test-drive.
  5. The dealership is immediately notified of the event, and provided the buyer's cellphone number, so even if their phone is not capable of web-browsing, the dealership can follow up on that lead.
  6. When the buyer schedules a test drive day, all the details inputted in the form are sent to the dealership's e-mail inbox. The buyer instantly receives an e-mail reminder, and the dealership calls or e-mails to book a specific time of day.
  7. If the test-drive leads to a sale, the salesperson inputs the buyer's phone number and unique customer code into the database, listing it as completed sale.
  8. Every buyer's cellphone number has been added to the dealership's private list. This means a bulk text message can be sent to the entire list in one click, advertising special promotions and events. Buyers can opt-out of this service anytime by simply replying STOP.

Successful & Measurable Results

Master Mobile Media sends detailed monthly reports, showing how many potential buyers texted the vehicles' keywords, and exactly how many (and specifically who) followed through with a purchase!

Mobile Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for dealerships to capture leads from start to finish, and only Master Mobile Media can provide this all-in-1 package for dealerships.