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Intro to SMS Marketing

The way businesses and organizations communicate with their customers & members is evolving!

Marketing communications have shifted to the online domain, where information is freely available, and even accessible in the palm of your hand with the introduction of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Interactive websites, social networks, and e-mail have completely taken over this online domain, bringing information to consumers like never before.

However, text messaging still remains the most powerful communication tool for mobile devices. Unlimited text messaging plans come standard from most carriers, while internet data rates continue to go through the roof in Canada!



SMS is your common text messaging service. Messages up to 160 characters in length can be sent from one mobile device to another over a telephone (sometimes internet) network.

When a message is too long, it is most often delivered using multiple messages.



When sending a text message isn’t enough, MMS has emerged in recent years to send mutimedia such as photos, videos, ringtones, and voice clips over the same network.

Today’s cellphones are usually capable of receiving MMS messages, but older phones may not.


See it in Action... right now!

Understanding how SMS Marketing works is actually as simple as trying it for yourself!

For every feature and application on this website, there’s a working example for you to try out:


If you texted “TRYITOUT” to 76000, you will soon receive a response back from the 76000 server!

Want to see something a little more functional?


In this case, we used multiple keywords to create a conversation, much like a telephone switchboard.
They can freely navigate through information by replying with the appropriate keyword, which like “TRYITOUT”, delivers a customized text response.

Interested in trying some others? Try “EMMA”, “UTOPIAVIP”, “CONDO1”, or “SONGRADIO”.

:: So what’s the big deal?

SMS Marketing has major advantages and untapped potential for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Unlike a telephone switchboard, your mobile keyword can perform a variety of advanced functions. These range from mobile voting, to loyalty programs, couponing, and more!

Mobile keywords like “TRYITOUT” automatically add the user’s cellphone number to 1 or more distribution lists. Until he/she replies STOP, you’re free to broadcast your news and promotions directly to them all in 1 quick click!

:: Who’s using it?

SMS is quickly becoming an important part of big-budget marketing plans, by companies such as

Fortunately, your budget isn’t at stake with Master Mobile Media! With plans starting from as little as $35/month, this exciting new marketing channel delivers the highest read-rates, and the most simple call-to-action for gaining new customers & clients... at a fraction of the price.

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Canadians sent over 1/4 billion text messages today alone. They’re SMS-friendly, and ready to begin interacting with your mobile marketing campaigns right now!